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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dine Fine Dessert : Citrus Chocolate Mousse with Mixed Berry Compote

I never really followed recipes to heart anyway so I made this one up again myself. There were some frozen mixed berries in the freezer, so after a bit of thawing, they went to a gentle simmer with a sprinkling of icing sugar. Handle very gently so that the fruits break up on their own accord, until the juices came out and they were nice and a bit syrupy. Spoon a couple onto your preferred serving glass, that's the bottom layer.

To make the mousse, it was a 85% dark chocolate melted on a double boiler, cooled a bit, then mixed with a dollop of cream and a whole egg yolk until texture was smooth. A juice of 1 orange was also added for just a hint of citrusy flavor. Two eggwhites were whisked to stiff peaks and folded into the mixture, trying to maintain the air as much as possible within the mixture. Scoop on top of the compote and garnish with orange and lime zest.


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