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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pinoy Streetfood Sampler Platter - BBQ

Aussies love the bbq, especially on a hot summer day - beer in the esky and snags in the barbie. I bet if these delicacies up in that photo were in the menu, it would probably make it to the Fear Factor Food Section instead your mate's plate. But for pinoys, it's an afternoon snack, sometimes even lunch, or a perfect beer match.

Far left - pork intestines. Typically boiled with garlic and onions, and then grilled for the carcinogens that make it extra tasty (just kidding). Anything out of hot coals could really taste extra good. Best with vinegar and chili (especially the communal dipping in a bottle of dipping sauce.)

Middle - chicken intestines. Like the pork intestines, they are typically boiled, but not completely cleaned - who doesn't like the yummy grits inside those squiggly tubes? The orange color is attributed to the broth that it has been boiled with - it's supposed to make it look extra tasty.

Far right - coagulated chicken blood. Also known as "betamax" as it takes the shape of the small rectangular video tapes.

These treats can be typically found at the side of the street. Sometimes there is a small fan at the side of the bbq to save the person from constant fanning of the flames. Fall in the line, there is almost always a queue. Regardless of the season (that is, wet or dry), the bbq on the 'sidewalk' will always be a winner.

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