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Sunday, October 4, 2009

SpiceStop : Moroccan Spice Blend

Everyone has their own version of things. Even my parents have a different approach on cooking the same thing. The same goes with spice blends, I find that two spice blends are never the same; they may have the same ingredients but different quantities... (something like that). The beauty of homemade spice blends... is that you can add or decrease whatever you like, without veering too far off from the real thing. :)

This spice blend is made of :

15g cumin seeds
10g dried chili flakes
15g fennel seeds
10g ground smoked paprika
15g green cardamom pods
10g dried ginger
1 cinnamon stick
10g dried turmeric powder
15g coriander seeds

Dry roast in a shallow pan - be careful not to burn the seeds, around 2min. Let cool, then grind using a coffee/spice grinder. Transfer in an air tight container and keep in a dry place.


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