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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scribe's Notes : Excess Baggage

This just makes you want to be really careful in selecting the bag you use, and the quality of the zipper/lock :)

Flight - Barcelona to Dublin (connecting flight to Boston for most of the passengers)

The pilot was 'apologetic for the delays' without saying the exact reason why, but because I was looking at this situation I knew what was going on! (and just like a true shutterbug, my backup digicam was in my pocket, for reasons such as these!)

the luggage just BURST OPEN and the man handling it was just simply surprised at what happened.
i think it was a faulty zipper.
the crew saw me watching and with his hands up in the air in exasperation, he knew he had no choice
but to put all the stuff back in! 

unfortunate. guess what the violet colored fabric was.

after asking someone to fetch the packaging tape, the luggage was taped all over.
just like massive bandage.
no the broken luggage wasn't mine - although upon arrival at Dublin i had some delays in getting my bag as it was mixed up with the other baggages going to Boston!

So that's what those massive cling wrap devices in the airport are for - to avoid things like these! :)


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