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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Another easy, tasty enjoyable treat resulting from a quick baking escapade are water crackers. Flour, baking soda and cold butter are rubbed together until it resembles breadcrumbs (like when making pastry) then a little water is added until the dough comes together.

The dough gets rolled into a sheet and using a cookie cutter, circles are made and punctured with the tines of a fork. The main flavoring could be anything as simple as sea salt, probably with a little cracked pepper if you like (such as this one).

A dash of dried herbs like basil or thyme could also make a lot of difference.

Best served with cheese I think! Areas of improvement for this batch, I would say, would be the thickness of the dough, but it's a personal option whether you'd want it extra thin or extra thick. Squares would be nice too! These ones turned out to be quite similar apparently (taste-wise) to Boland's Cream Crackers

(Cream Crackers photo from


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