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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hotel Albion

Come to The Albion at any day of the week, especially around 7pm onwards, and you will always find the place bustling with activity. There are two fireplaces surrounded by comfy couches, and there would be a big group huddling about. The slightly more formal dining area would be teeming with people enjoying their dinner, and the rest of the pub observes streaks of laughter once in a while, above the murmurs and sound of quiet chats. There are many ways to enjoy this pub : You can treat yourself with a huge steak with wilted spinach and potato mash on a Half Price Mondays and Tuesdays, or confuse yourself with what Parma to eat based a wide selection during ParmaRama Night every Wednesday. Enjoy every pub grub with a cold pint of beer, and there is always variety in the tap. Cocktails and wine are available too, if you feel like it. After office drinks with colleagues appear to be quite called for in this area at Port Melbourne, perhaps its proximity to the tram stop is conducive to drinking and not driving home! The menu is not your typical pub grub though, despite the usual fish and chips there are sumptuous treats such as the giant slices of Corned Beef, and beautifully cooked fillet of salmon. Remember to come on a really empty stomach to make the most out of the meal, as the serving size is quite big. However, the curry can use more spice to make it live up to its name!
Enough said, but if you want more you can always visit their site


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Scribe's Notes

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