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Monday, February 2, 2009

Scribe's Notes : Olinda Creek Walking Track

The Olinda Creek Walking Track is one of the many walking trails in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. It starts at the overflow carpark across the Silvan Reservoir Carpark, where other tracks such as Greygum Walking Track (2.3 km) and Messmate Track (1.4km) also commence.

The first part of the trail was highly enjoyable, covered by trees, the path littered by thistles, some orchids, and ferns. A quick pace would eventually lead you to a number of wooden steps, so don't stop - keep the heart rate up! But almost immediately this foresty trail ends and leads to a big gravelly road where silver pipes protrude once in a while.

one of the violet colored orchids which name escapes me now

The silence is broken by the soles of trekking shoes hitting against the rockey pavement, while birds swoop down and try to catch you offguard. The trees on either side of the road reach for the sky, and the wind occassionally visits to keep it all cool. Having passed by some folks and meeting some on their way back, this track appears to be a popular destination for brisk walks. Armed with a hydration pack, it's a good way to go out for a walk. But if you're on a lookout for stunning, heart melting views, this is probably not for you.

seen along the trail : a symbol of nobility of character
Scotland's national flower, the thistle

Total walking time : 80 minutes (one way)

Other possible options : combine walking tracks or side trip to numerous picnic areas, lavender farms, tulip farms, or just drive along the long windy roads of Dandenong!


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