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Monday, December 15, 2008


A planned trip to a "pay what you feel like" lentil fest in St. Kilda was foiled by a large gathering of upwardly mobile, fake hippie wannabies barricading the entrance with a very well organised display of "spontaneous" street fair.

Plan B was required! Well actually not really, located close by was a place named Claypots...yes, guess what they serve? A pretty busy, cosy little place that promised a seafood and vegetarian feast. It delivered. Mezze (or Meze, depending on your persuasion) was served first, a lovely selection of ray, gurnard, green beans, tomatoes, aubergine, orange, fennel and dill...all very tasty, going well with a very reasonable priced bottle of the house Sauv Blanc. The mains were a large share-sized gurnard, Moroccan and Cajun claypots. All fresh, tasty and plenty to fill a hungry foursome.

Turkish coffee stood out on the menu for afters; unfortunately it was only served in the adjoining bar....oh well :)

The bar was another cosy, although slightly less busy place with dark surrounds, old chord light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and emitting the kind of soothing crooner music that brings you back to the days of Dean and Ella and, well you know. The Turkish coffee was up to scratch and it was felt only right to follow that up by availing of the, again reasonably priced, Krusovice (a Czech beer) on tap. A few of those later and a sultry songstress started up on the piano belting out the same tunes in a manner not expected in such a small back street establishment...or is it :)

If only the slightly tipsy eighty year old would have quit grabbing the mic and let her get on with it.

All in all a very pleasant way to spend an evening and perhaps one more reason not to limit yourself to lentils!!


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