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Monday, December 8, 2008

La Spaghetteria

A visit to Lygon Street for the annual Festa brought about a case of the munchies and what better way to satisfy those munchies than a visit to an Italian restaurant. A chatty spruiker ushered us through the door of La Spaghetteria with the promise of the best Italian food on Lygon Street. Unfortunately he has either never eaten there himself or is worthy of an Oscar.

The food and service was terrible. An order of oysters arrived late accompanied by some squirming worm type object. These were promptly returned with no apology or offer to take off the bill. The even later follow on past dishes (ravioli and carbonara) were cold, way undercooked and bland beyond belief. Even our attempt to make a quick exit proved unsatisfactory as trying to get someone to ring up the bill seemed too much to ask.

The worst Italian food I've ever eaten with service to match. A can of Chef Boyardees Ravioli served by Satan himself would leave this place for dust.

Addendum: A most excellent observation and horrendous omission on my part...thank you kind lady! :) How could I forget to mention the expressionless corpse manning the piano in the corner, lulling the clientele to sleep with what can only be described as supermarket aisle music.


PJ Wednesday, December 10, 2008 11:53:00 PM  

What, nothing about the enthusiastic pianist?

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