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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grapefruit-Gin Summer Cooler

With temperatures reaching 30C Melbourne is sweltering in the longest run of November heat in more than 80 years. While the weather permits sleeveless shirts and shorts, the fruits and veggies enjoy (or torment?) the sun and bring forth a wonderful bounty, like the first harvested grapefruit.

So the second fruit taken from the tree landed in tall glasses with gin, cointreau, honey, mint and soda water, to help HYDRATE those who are thirsty amidst the hot weather!

In a tall glass (a very tall glass for very thirsty people, if you have one!) Muddle mint (as many as you like) with a teaspoon of honey (which normally would be a sugar syrup, and by using a muddler). This one was 'muddled' by the other end of a wooden spoon, briskly rubbed in between my palms.

Add your dose of gin (bombay sapphire in this instance, 2 and a half shots), half a shot of cointreau, 3 wedges of grapefruit (squeezed and then dropped into the glass!)

Garnish! Do not forget to garnish in however which way you like! This one was with a sprig of mint and a grapefruit wedge. Yay!

Happy days!


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