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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Singapore Style Chili Crab v.2

Made the same way as the last time, and with blue swimmer craps as well, except that I previously substituted bagoong for the belacan, and now I used the real deal!

If you haven't seen it before, here it is -

the cover

Top layer, plastic, to contain the distinct smell which some people may not like :)
and a thin parchment underneath, to keep moisture in (i suppose)

no it's not a chocolate bar!!!

This time, I made some steamed white buns to mop up the spicy sauce, and fried a few freshly steamed buns for a semi-authentic Singapore Chili Crab experience, just like in the restaurant! Except I screwed up the size and shapes of the buns. Hahaha. But the taste wasn't bad! I just used the same recipe as the previous steamed pork buns, and shallow fried several pieces in oil for a crispy outside, yet soft inside.

serving suggestion

and like most Sunday lunches - it is best served with beer! :D


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