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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Potato Gnocchi

Having snatched a 5kg bag of potatoes for $1 (yes!! nice small washed good potatoes!) at Knox City, what can you expect but have a couple of potato-based recipes!

I have not made gnocchi ever, so perhaps it's a good way to start.

As always there were heaps and tons of different ways to make gnocchi. I ended up with just doing the very basic, and crossed my fingers that upon cooking them the little parcels of what's supposed to be a light mass of potato goodness would not disintegrate before my very eyes.

There was a suggestion to make it with egg if venturing for the first time. This would hold the mixture together. Thought I'd be brave and go eggless!

And made a small batch only just in case something went awry!

Makes an entree size good for 2

6 small potatoes
1/4 cup plain unbleached flour

Place 6 small potatoes into a pot, cover with cold water, season with salt and bring to a boil. When done, remove from pot but save the potato water.

Peel the potatoes (while they're still warm enough to handle!) and mash until lumps are gone (the preference is to use a ricer or a french grater... but in the absence of both i used a fork).

manual mashing
don't overmash though!

Sprinkle half of the flour to the mashed potatoes and with nimble fingers, slowly incorporate and knead lightly. I did not end up using the entire 1/4 cup of flour - you wouldn't want too much flour otherwise it would make the gnocchi heavy and tough. Roll into logs around 1.5-2 cm thick and cut into 2cm long pieces. Dust with some more flour.

looking rough and rugged, aren't they?! technique now... finesse later. hehe.

Roll a gnocchi over the tines of a lightly-floured fork (I found this to be slightly tricky because too much pressure and you basically squish your gnocchi!) . Gently press with the index finger or thumb underneath to form a dent in the back of each one, and fork marks on the other side. The textured surface will aid in making sauces cling on to the gnocchi.

When done, boil the potato water again and add the gnocchi until it rises. Serve with your favorite pesto or sauce.

shown here with veal mince, finished with a glug of extra virgin olive oil


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