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Monday, August 24, 2009

Badger Creek Blueberry Farm and Winery

There are heaps of wineries around - but to stumble upon a blueberry winery was new to me (although I know of a strawberry wine that was quite yummy somewhere up in the mountain ranges of Northern Philippines!)

Badger Creek Blueberry Farm and Winery at Healesville is family owned and run, and perhaps one of the warm charms that the place has to offer other than scrumptious breakfast for sharing! Just take a bit over an hour drive away from Melbourne CBD it is close to other wineries in the Yarra Valley region but offers a different variety of wine - blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, some sparklings - pretty amazing actually!

Having planned for breakfast, an early morning berry wine tasting was also a different Sunday morning adventure!

smoked salmon with capers, yea cheddar, terrine, poached pear, mayo and toasted bread
for $20, to share, was very tasty.

long black with what we thought was cheese (which would have been another first!)
but turned out to be sweet stuff :)

some sights along the way - wineries prepping up for new life from the crops

the day's loot - blueberry sparkling wine, raspberry nectar and a 'hot blueberry salsa' - it was not too spicy, but different and quite tasty
apparently great in pizza topped with cheese!


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