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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Morcilla (mor-si-yah) is the Spanish blood sausage usually with onions and spices but depending on the region the ingredients vary of course ;)

So just like any sane people who should make good use of just about every part of the pig - even its blood shouldn't go to waste! So fresh off a slaughtered pig, onto a receptacle and into the kitchen it goes to make this sausage! (or this perhaps if you want a soupier version)

can't go wrong with all that fat either!

Like the black pudding it is great simply sliced, fried, and served with brown bread!

cheddar and chorizo (the pink slice on top) are optional!
the bread in this instance is fried on the oil where the sausage has rendered its fat as well
deadly and yummy hehe

quick brekky


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