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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Homemade Ricotta

Cheesemaking! As most culinary endeavors there is an art and science to it. I found a site that simplifies making this wonderful dairy delight, and thought I'd give the recipe for whole milk ricotta a go!

Just to make sure I don't spoil too much milk in case something I did goes wrong - i only used 1 liter of milk. There were also some cute lemons harvested from the tree, so this was the souring agent used to curdle the milk. The plain whole milk was brought to a temperature of 200F, then a bit of lemon juice was added, and the temperature raised back up to 200F. Then it was taken off the heat, covered, and left to sit for around 15 minutes. Then the white bits floating were strained in muslin, and left to hang and drain for around an hour.

Enjoy with plain crackers for afternoon tea!


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