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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parma Grandeoso

Remember the Albion Hotel and that slight mention of ParmaRama night? Well almost a year after that post it just so happened that the whole gang had mustered enough motivation to go out for Parma Night - except it's not just for your ordinary parma, but for the Grandeoso Challenge.

The Grandeoso is a serving of double parma with chips and salad.

Doesn't sound intimidating at all, until you sit there and they serve it to you.

try this on for size
This is not for the faint-hearted, small-stomached, chicken-allergic person.
notice there are two layers about 1.5cm each.
chips are underneath.
the fork shown is your proper-sized fork (ehm, standard restaurant fork size)

To sign up for this challenge is to have the determination of a 45 year old virgin going to a nightclub to get lucky (or just succumbing to peer pressure perhaps!). Shell out $25 and a pint if you're brave (or crazy) enough!

To guys, this could appear to be not a problem at all, but statistically speaking, out of the gang, there was a 50% success rate (or at least of the known 'contestants').

Check out the Hall of Fame and other details here


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