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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mosquito Repellant

While browsing through the shelves at a Kathmandu clearance sale I came across this little item branded a mosquito repellent device. Powered by an AA battery, this belt clip sized device promises to repel mosquitoes within a 1.5 to 3 metre distance by emitting a signal that acts as a deterrent.

Having been easy fodder for these little winged blood suckers over the years and having wasted countless dollars trying to keep them at bay a paltry half price $6 seemed a small price to pay the escalation of my war on mozzies!

An interesting story on an SBS show telling how an Austrian radio station emits a 20 kHz signal with its regular radio broadcast to great effect against mosquitoes only added to my optimism.

The Christmas break in hotter conditions allowed ample opportunity to try it out. The result: despite an initial one or two nibbles the mozzies certainly seemed to keep their distance. Further tests seem to prove the earlier conclusion. This little gem will be one of the first things packed on all future outdoor expeditions!


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