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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Salamander Bay

Another way to spend a day in Port Stephens is to go around Salamander Bay. For some outdoor fun on dry land, try the Toboggan Hill Park. The highlight would be (surprise!) tobogganing on the hill, set upon natural bushland, but the speedfreak may not be threatened by the 40kph ride on a long flat-bottomed sled. Very kid friendly, go again and again (of course you pay for every ride) and enjoy the wind on your face.


There is also rock climbing, or go to the maze via a tractor ride (more like a tram pulled by a tractor up the hill). The maze is not entirely difficult but would be quite a challenge to some (not to OC though).

where are you?

There is mini-golf, or have a water fight using water balloons hurled through a pail on springs. Pay a $3 entrance fee, since the waiver, and you can venture around the park yourself. Spray on some insect repellent and sunscreen before entering the gates!

go a-splashing

This park would be best enjoyed by kids though... and perhaps, the kids-at-heart.

Right beside this park is the Tomaree Aquatic Center, where there is a giant slide. Very affordable entrance fee and tickets to the slide itself. For $3.50 for 7 rides, experience a similar speed rush from the toboggan - but wet, this time around. Other amenities include a lap pool, a covered toddler pool and heaps of picnic areas. But just remember - the beach is nearby, if you want more fun in water!

at the Tomaree Aquatic Center

The Salamander Shopping Center is a good pit stop for supplies - so for a prolonged holiday, have no fear of running out of food or booze!

at least this fellow is not going hungry


Those Who Stopped By

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