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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Broughton Island in Port Stephens, Newcastle

About an hour and a half flight away from Melbourne is Newcastle, the second most populated state in New South Wales. It is around 167 km away from Sydney, it is also the sixth largest city in Australia.

Within Newcastle are several bays and stretches of beach, being along the Pacific Ocean coastline. Take another 45 minute drive from the Newcastle Airport and it would lead you to Port Stephens, which was discovered by Captain James Cook. More of its history here.

One of the main attractions in Port Stephens is Nelson Bay. The largest town and main tourist destination, Nelson Bay is home to bottlenose dolphins, boasts of white beaches, magnificent views, long sand dunes and cruises to neighboring islands such as Broughton Island (named after Captain W.R. Broughton, who, while onboard HM Providence came to Port Stephens for shelter and came to find escape convicts living amongst aborigines.)

the 'Looking Glass'

On a Sunday, you can book a nice day cruise on board the Moonshadow catamaran. At 10am, the boat would depart from the D'Albora Marina and would take around an hour and a half to get to the island. On a sunny day, along the way would be sightings of dolphins or sharks on the deep blue seas that match a great blue sky. Docking a good few meters away from the shore, jump off from the other side of the boat and go for a swim while waiting for lunch to be served on board the boat.

lunch on the boat. yummy!

After lunch, passengers are ferried from the boat to the island via a smaller motor boat. On the shore are several houses and campers, lazing the day away under the sun. The island is also home to numbrays, found under the sand on shallow waters, capable of delivering an intense electric shock (as this blogger had found out).

towards the shores of Broughton Island

The view of the shore from behind, while on the trail

A 10 minute bush walk is the northern part of Broughton Island with nice white fine sand, where one can snorkel towards the edge of the rocky parts to find some fish, big and small. The snorkel gear, including fins, are provided in the cruise.

the beach at Broughton

Make sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, beach towels, swimgear and a holiday spirit to enjoy this particular destination! And don't forget to ride the boom net on the way back to Nelson Bay.


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