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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shark and Ray Feeding

some of the rays at the center

If you would like an up close and personal encounter with the sharks and rays, and even feed them yourself, try the Shark and Ray Center at Port Stephens. These animals are indeed lucky - people pay to actually feed them with squid and small shrimps, which you can attach to a clothesline peg at the end of a stick (provides extra 'reach' for the lower part of the giant pool with the rays).

For an extra closer encounter, hire snorkel gear and chase the rays around, even the little sharks (although there was one that was around 2m long). Perfectly safe, as the staff had said (and as the website has mentioned). For an EVEN closer touchy-feely-feeding frenzy, put on a dive suit and get right into it. The water is 25C all year round!

This experience would be great for adults who have not done much snorkelling and diving, or would like to try, as it is a highly controlled environment. For the experienced older ones, it may get a bit boring after the first 10 shrimps handed out to the rays (you can actually touch and pat them). Kids would love this! Recommended for a highly educational encounter with your little ones and develops an appreciation of the aquatic creatures.


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