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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Summer Drinks

Temperatures rose to up to 37 C in Melbourne today so what could be better than to seek refuge in a cold, refreshing beverage. The cooling effect of moisture outside the bottle, from the hand and translated into the mouth with a big gulp, evoking a contented Ahhhh..... and there you go, have someone take a video and it's almost a beverage TV ad. Or maybe with a couple more bottles of something alcoholic then it would really feel like a TV ad!

So this post is about some alcoholic refreshments that were recently sampled - and potentially enjoyed further during the course of this hot season!


From the German word meaning "cyclist", Radler is beer flavored with a mixture of lemon and lime. Story was that a German dude by the name of Franz Xaver Krugler mixed dark beer with juices from lemon and lime to produce a refreshing drink demanded by cyclists who wanted to continue riding while drinking! Barefoot Radler the Aussie version of this Bavarian beer. It is a very refreshing drink that is so easy to drink, and at full strength (4.2% alcohol), remember that it has alcohol, and it is NOT carbonated juice!


The name directly translates to "two X's", this aromatic lager was named as Dos Equis to commemorate the start of the 20th Century. Wilhelm Hasse, a German (surprise!) founded the Moctezuma Brewery and invented this beer. The label reflects Moctezuma, a 16th century Aztec ruler. Fresh and light, this beer is a must try.


Made from the fermented juice of apples, a cider is an alcoholic drink that may look like a sparkling drink when poured onto a glass. Magner Cider was launched in Australia in 2004 but has been enjoyed in Ireland for a long time under the brand Bulmers. Poured on ice and enjoyed on a hot summer's day, it revives memories to Irish folks away from home. A highly enjoyable experience, especially with the idea that traditionally prepared cider has high content for antioxidants... so it could be good for you, at some point!

More refreshing drinks to be explored as we approach boiling point!


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