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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cake Known as the Giant Blackforest Sandwich

One of the folks in office is celebrating her last day in office as she gets assigned to a different project. there's another excuse for me to quickly whip up something in the kitchen.
One of the flavors that I've been meaning to do is a blackforest cake, so I figured now's a good chance to do a version of it. Most of the blackforest cakes I've had is very rich and decadent, sometimes too rich that it can be quite off-putting after a couple of bites. I also settled for a simple cake decor - did not have much time anyway!

I was hoping that version will not too be rich (yeah don't worry about the double cream that I whipped), made on the chocolate cake base that I think is beginning to settle with me (just minor tweaks on the flavoring) but the at least i think i can call this cake base recipe 'my own'!

[ i found the cake to be not as moist as it was the last time i made a similar version - perhaps because it was baked in a different oven, but the top bit rose almost evenly that it didn't need any leveling... anyway, it was well received... or my officemates are just being polite! haha!]


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