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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Daan's Cake

This week has been a cake-baking spree, but with good reason. It's a little Dutch kid's 2nd birthday, and as a present I wanted to make something special for him. While I had been making several components separately (the fondant from the cake last Sunday and a practice round for the chocolate with B's cake), at least if these turned out good, putting them together shouldn't turn out so bad!

This cake was made of 3 layers

vanilla, chocolate, vanilla

This time i cut the top off the topmost layer to for an even spreadthe entire thing iced with ganache to help the fondant stick - normally it would be butter cream but based on the last experience the chocolate tasted really nice with the vanilla cake. It could become extra messy if the fingers get smudged with the chocolate - as it leaves a trail of chocolate smudges in the fondant, so need to be extra careful.

The top cover was marshmallow fondant made green with food coloring (blue+yellow).

took a while to smoothen it out using a rubber spatula hehe

A star template was cut out from greaseproof paper and I used a pizza cutter to cut out stars out of pink-colored fondant. A teaspoon of glucose thinned with a bit of water served as glue for the hundreds and thousands (those little dots of color!)

Some smarties added more color (it was a kid's cake, so there can never be too much color!).

a little extra blue for 'an extra dimension' :p

his name is Daan (daaaaaaaan)

...and he has long blond hair...

..and has perfected the art of blowing birthday candles!

A couple of hours effort (baking the cakes were not an issue - just mix it up and chuck it in the oven - but the fondant and decorating the cake took a little longer than I had planned), for that priceless look from his face :)

I think I can stop baking cakes for a while....!

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