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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Herring Island

Most people living in Melbourne are probably not familiar with the island existing somewhere near the city. Herring Island, though man made, is 3.2 hectares of land intentionally built to reduce the risks of flooding. Originally a basalt quarry in the last century, it is 4 km upstream from the Melbourne CBD, and is only accessible by a watercraft ($2 fee, in just a couple of minutes, kids ride free). It is now known as a an Environmental Sculpture Park, with several artforms around the island, and a gallery that is currently hosting the Herring Island Summer Festival of Arts. There are barbeque facilities that make an experience seem to be far away from the city - so it would be an interesting venue for the next get together!

some of the scupltures around the island

After a quick tour of the island, we dropped by at the Kanteen Cafe which is just a couple of steps away from the landing. With an excellent view of the river, an outdoor area which gets a good bit of sunlight and shade from the trees (and pretty strong coffee!), it is amazing how being away from the noise, hustle and bustle of the city can actually be this close!

More about Herring Island here.


Those Who Stopped By

Scribe's Notes

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So from the diversely abstract to the intensely specific, it's off to making tracks, and it is here where it stops for a thought or two.

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