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Monday, January 19, 2009

Tinned Spaghetti

I searched long and hard and looked at every inch of my childhood memory, and there never was a reference about tinned spaghetti. Spaghetti would have been something from Jollibee, (a famous fastfood joint, pinoy version and great competitor of McDonalds), or a dish at a birthday party (kids or adults), usually with a sweet tomato sauce, slices of hotdog mixed with ground beef, or an aunt's quick dish whipped up at the dark ends of the kitchen with a store-bought packet of 'Filipino Style' spaghetti sauce (i.e sweet, like the one from Del Monte.)

Pork and beans would be tinned, yes. But spaghetti, no.

but it exists!

So here's to folks back home, feast your eyes on Tinned Spaghetti on toast.

Apparently this would have been a typical European style snack, or breakfast for some. To me it was an experiment just to see what it's like - would there be any notion of 'al dente' (ha!) , would the tomato sauce be nice and tasty (more ha!), would there be any tiny morsels of meat....

But because the label says "tomato sauce", then it was just tomato sauce.

And some gooey, soft tendrils of white stuff which may have been the spaghetti. :)

Ah well, at least now i know what its like!


In case the previous photo has ruined your notions of "toast" hope this one can neutralize it :

smoked salmon on toast with poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce
(sprinkled with some homegrown parsley which are not sooo green!)
and cracked black pepper


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