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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Loaf

[ An addition to the previous post on home made breads ]

The quest for a personal bread recipe is still on! However, because of the existing cold weather, it takes a bit longer for the leavened dough to rise. This one is a variation to the corn bread recipe, leaving the corn out but retaining the cornmeal, left to rise overnight, kneaded on a well-floured board and left for another hour and a half to proof on the loaf tin. The result was a slightly thick, crunchy crusted bread, with a taste reminiscent of sourdough. This taste is achieved with the longer rising time that the dough has been given. But because of the bits of cornmeal it is more like a ‘corn sourdough bread’, and proved to be an excellent match with hearty soups or toasted on its own for brekky.


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