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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It's a plot that's been played out many times. Child is kidnapped, but....the bad guys doing the kidnapping didn't count on pissing off the wrong father. Dad, with secret spy past, mercilessly hunts the bad guys down, rescues child and destroys all in his path in the process. Oops, I just gave it all away didn't I, well really...would you have guessed anything different?

To be fair, while it does stick to the genre, this movie ticks along nicely and before you know it your popcorn stash has been depleted and you've had a rather entertaining 92 minutes. It's a pretty action packed affair with a good splattering of car chases, foot chases, fight and shoot 'em up scenes and an almost obligatory "how the hell will he get out of this pickle" scene.

Reviews questioning Liam Neesons suitability for main role based on age did seem a little unfair; this certainly wasn't the last Indiana Jones movie. A couple of the fight scenes did appear a little laboured but apart from that it was a pretty decent performance by the big fella.

You'll certainly see better movies this year but not a bad addition to the leave your brain at the door list.


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