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Friday, September 26, 2008

Melb-Syd Coastal Drive : Halfway Stopovers

Driving to Sydney is a worthwhile experience especially through the coastal routes, where the blue seas meet the skies, making the road a moving movie of calm waters and ultimate eye candy.

Some of the stopovers midway to Sydney from Melbourne include Eden and Pambula.


Many years ago, Eden was a whale-hunting town. Now the whale hunting has turned into whale watching, and as a quiet fishing town the scene and lifestyle caters to a rather unhurried, relaxed, day to day existence.

The whale history has been captured in detail at the Eden Killer Whale Museum, together with some snapshots of Aussie history through a narration of Ned Kelly's story. A modest entrance fee of $7.50 gives you access to a lot of whaling information, including the partnership of man and killer whales during the times when hunting was at its peak.

Stroll around or have some fresh grilled flathead with chips (a gourmet fish and chips style!) and a cup of hot coffee by the mooring docks and watch the day pass by.


Pambula beach and its 6km stretch of white sand is definitely worth stopping by. There is a Discovery Holiday Park's Pambula Beach Resort which caters to trailer or camper vans and the like, and is best for families wanting a little time away from home. Kangaroos abound the area, mingling with children and unabashedly scratching themselves along the pathways.


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