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Friday, November 14, 2008

Adobo Remix

Being one of the favorite meals due to its taste, preservation qualities (read : not getting spoiled even after a week), and ease of preparation, adobo (previous post here) is a common entry in the home menu. A big batch could last for at least 6 meals (packed lunch or dinner), but having the same dish all the time can be quite boring.

A quick way to break the monotony is to just reheat and add a different herb, or ingredient, and you'd be surprised at how it may alter the taste completely. So unless people are happy just eating plain adobo (which is the usual case anyway) then at least this would give you an idea on how to jazz up leftovers!

adobo remix

This remix is inspired by the nice bunch of coriander growing quietly alongside its brothers and sisters in the potted herb garden. It was time to trim off some of the leaves anyway to promote better growth, so the trimmings went to the meal!

the star of the remix

Basmati rice was 'fried' in a little bit of olive oil, tossed some frozen green peas, the leftover adobo, and one beaten egg, added extra seasoning of sea salt and pepper and cooked til the peas are done. The coriander was chopped and sprinkled on top before serving. The fresh herb gave the dish a new dimension of flavor (like what those chefs say on TV!). Prep time is minimal (just beat the egg and chop the herbs?) and in less than 10 minutes you have a 'new' meal!


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