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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turkish Coffee

There was an event at the nearby park where there was a great variety of stalls (quite an international selection!), but this post is not about the event - it is about that much needed dose of caffeine that came from a $3 Turkish coffee.

It was made by lady who looked like she walked out of her kitchen to come to the event and make coffee for people. Nice big smile under the sign that said "Turkish Coffee", the idea was already sold instantly. The coffee is not at all instant, but because of the event, was designed more for quantity. It was made using a (non traditional, electric) pot (because it had to be done fast), but the lady was quick enough to know when to turn it off. The key, she said, was to use cold water. What was requested was that the coffee be made as though it is at home - and the sweetened coffee was delivered.

The device of choice was forgivable at this instance, as the coffee was delightful with a slight chocolate taste. Would have been best to have the truly authentic Turkish coffee experience - but probably some other time.

Check out this link for the steps on how to make Turkish coffee.


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