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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moshi Moshi

Located here Moshi Moshi is a Japanese restaurant with a twist. Unlike the traditional Japanese offerings Moshi Moshi is presented in an informal cafe style setting. The menu is also a little different too, while not ignoring the expected favourites the diner is presented with the option of "Japas" - Japanese tapas. A very clever and tasty idea offering sushi rolls, vegetable and seafood tempura as well as other tasty morsels served between five and seven PM at one dollar a piece.

While the main menu specialises in seafood there are also plenty of options for the non-seafood lover. No such need here. The sushi and sashimi was great - fresh and served elegantly and non-fussed, as you'd expect from a good Japanese restaurant. Good miso soup (served with a spoon this time) and tasty wagyu beef roll, tender and juicy.

A new experience was Shochu, a Japanese spirit that can be served in many ways from neat or on the rocks to mixed in all manner of cocktails. On the rocks on this occasion it was easy to pick out that Shochu is distilled from barley with that unmistakable almost slightly single-malt whiskey taste. A little more research on this particular beverage may well be required! :)

Good food and great service at a reasonable price make Moshi Moshi worth a visit.


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