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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tokyo Teppanyaki

Continuing on the theme of Japanese restaurants Tokyo Teppanyaki is billed not only as a restaurant but a complete night of entertainment, and it was....well for a few hours at least :)

If you haven't been before then Teppanyaki is well worth the experience (perhaps once as it ain't cheap :)). Seated around a large hot plate the customer is treated to their own personal chef who not only acts to cook and serve but also provides the evenings entertainment in the form of jovial conversation and a number of party tricks such as food and egg tossing as well as bowl throwing and all manner of utensil twirling.

The menu at Tokyo Teppanyaki is quite varied - Ozeki sake and the Tokyo Set were chosen on this occasion. Service began with an entree plate featuring sushi, sashimi, California roll and spring roll followed by Miso soup (no spoon :)). Then out came Eddie, as he introduced himself, who proceeded to deliver on all of the aforementioned with regular quips and some all action food and bowl tossing. In the midst of which he managed to cook and serve tiger prawns, scallops, teriyaki chicken, lamb rack, Kobe style steak and finally vegetables and fried rice. Once complete Eddie retired leaving the table to finish off the remaining sake and coffee.

The food was quite good, Eddie entertaining. All in all a good evening out.


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