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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 Brothers Brewery

A recent discovery on the draft beverage front is the produce of the 2 Brothers Brewery from Moorabin, Victoria. The first sampling, the boldly named Growler Ale, is available on tap at The Albion (of recent pub quiz fame) and is an American style brown ale. Not as dark as some of its European rivals it has a rich brown colour, good hint of hops and a reasonable smooth finish. As with most American style brown ales there’s a slightly sweeter malt flavour but not overpowering enough to put an ale fan off this rather tasty brew.

The second sampling and younger brother of the Growler is Rusty (tap pictured here), a very easy drinking pale ale offering. Based on Belgian style equivalents Rusty is not as sweet as the Growler, has a nice finish and is well worth a try.


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