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Friday, October 17, 2008

This One is for Thursday Nights

If you can't make it for Tuesday Trivia night at Mt. View Hotel, try on a Thursday night at The Albion for a good dose of mind twisters. The format is similar - a photo part, music identification, and the questions that range from 'how many earth years does Uranus revolve around the sun" to "what is the name of the boy left alone in Home Alone".

Teams plot down team names on the answer sheet and get to swap sheets with the team on the adjacent table when checking for answers. Most of the time, spelling is not given too much importance (unless it is a spelling question!). With the correct mix of people, clinching the prize may not be too difficult - but then again one won't really know the degree of difficulty of the questions, until you're right there sitting and thinking about it!

The excited ones who shout the answer need to be restrained, as you wouldn't want the other teams to hear your answer, so old fashioned whispering may do the trick. The scribe needs fast fingers, excellent hearing and needs to have excellent yet quick decision making skills at times when there are too many answers offered by team mates!

In case the team doesn't win, there is easy access to booze, so in essence - 'everybody still wins'!


Those Who Stopped By

Scribe's Notes

This pitstop is where incoherent ramblings seem to have meaning, where things or events are thought of and assessed, where great things are documented and perhaps any not-so-good happenings are written down in attempt to be forgotten!

So from the diversely abstract to the intensely specific, it's off to making tracks, and it is here where it stops for a thought or two.

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