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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Melb-Syd Coastal Drive : Jervis Bay and Kiama

Jervis Bay is one of the stunning highlights of this coastal drive. Located 150 kms south of Sydney, it boasts of beautiful natural parks, unspoilt secluded bays, whale watching opportunities and historical areas such as the ill-fated St. George lighthouse.

Other outdoor attractions include horse riding, a trek to the Booderee National Park, emu farm, and cruises for dolphin watching. The area is worth spending much time on as long as you know where to go, hence a stop at the Visitor's Centre is recommended.

More photos and information on Jervis Bay here.

the rugged cliffs of Jervis Bay is quite an amazing sight

St. George Lighthouse

This particular lighthouse has been subjected to a lot of misfortunes, as it was apparently built on its location more for convenience rather than function, the project was shrouded by political bickering and the build lacked supervision. There were 23 ships wrecked on the bay, and was eventually replaced by the Point Perpendicular lighthouse which was located in a more suitable spot. St. George lighthouse was then used for target practice by the Australian navy, and hence destroyed. More about the lighthouse here.

Even the families who lived in the vicinity suffered bad luck. There were deaths of rolling off the cliff, or accidental shooting while hunting for birds. The stories are posted on a billboard with photos, definitely worth reading. Go and see for yourself!


Known for its blowhole which attracts locals and tourists alike. It sprays water up to 60m up into the air when the surf is high. Unfortunately for this particular trip, it was a bit cloudy but there were no signs of the south-westernly wind. More about the blowhole here.


Those Who Stopped By

Scribe's Notes

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