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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Station Hotel

A quick turn from Chapel St is Station Hotel, a pub described in its website as a 'long standing Prahran icon'. The venue boasts of a courtyard, private rooms, a pool bar, and an al fresco area overlooking the busy Greville St. where it is situated. Never mind the noise from the periodic trains that pass by from the station right across the street (perhaps, why it is named such) - besides, the music is loud enough to drown the whistles and train road warning signals away (clang clang clang clang clang......) The menu is basic pub grub, a wine selection, beer and cocktails are available, and specific nights cater to a theme, as most places do, such as Trivia Tuesdays (something like this previous post), which could be worth a shot some time soon. The charm of the place perhaps comes from the perception of space, that can be easily flooded with a group of friends out to have drinks and a dance or two, or keen to watch the game on the wide projector screens.

Good to check out and see if you like the crowd, if you find it too noisy, either you're too old or.... it's just not for you.


Those Who Stopped By

Scribe's Notes

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So from the diversely abstract to the intensely specific, it's off to making tracks, and it is here where it stops for a thought or two.

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