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Saturday, October 4, 2008


Food is best shared and one of the best to share is Indian cuisine. Bowls of curry, dals, raita, pickles, chutneys, rice and naan….the mouth waters.

But food also comes down to opinion :)
Having been lucky enough to taste Indian food on a number of continents it has become obvious that this wonderful and varied cuisine varies further when it travels, adjusted to the local adopted palate.

A personal favourite in Australia is the Tandoor Indian restaurant. Originating in Chapel Street in the early 80's it has relocated around the corner to Commercial Road, Prahran where it continues to dish out a mix of North, South and Eastern Indian dishes. Of the Indian restaurants sampled around Melbourne this is so far sitting atop the pile.

Tasty with good depth to the entree and main dishes and accompaniments, wonderful saffron rice, tasty naans (don't order the garlic naan unless you like garlic, yum) and not too sweet lassi make this well worth a visit. If you like your Indian food hot then you just have to say so.

As with many Indian restaurants the lamb and beef dishes tend to be a little tough and dry but all chicken and seafood dishes are moist, tender and delicious. The crab masala curry, fish jalfareizi, chicken rogan josh and chicken green curry are must trys.

However, as mentioned earlier food is definitely down to individual opinion. Shared meals here with Indian food lovers of a number of nationalities indicates that those of Asian, Australasian and North American persuasion will find this to their tastes while those who prefer the UK based Indian fare may be a little disappointed :)


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