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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie

Down in Melbourne, the trees are beginning to grow their leaves back, the temperature is beginning to rise, there are lesser days with gray skies and hence people are firing up the barbeques because it is that time of the year!

Aside from the usual steak and snags, one of the tastiest creatures that graces the grill is the shrimp, or prawns if preferred. It cooks quickly, requires little seasoning, and is great even with just a dash of lemon juice, or lemon-garlic butter sauce, (or lemon-garlic-thyme for the slighltly gourmet-ish folks). Some people may find the shell removal to be tedious, but the gastronomic rewards of having to eat such a shellfish supercedes the effort. Perhaps opt of the shelled, cooked prawns available at the market and heat at the grill instead, if one just couldn't be bothered!

Tasmania or Queensland prawns are often found in markets, do not come cheap, but indeed delicious and as fresh as you can get. Highly recommended for those who love variety and not shy away from tasty treats from the sea - just check for allergies from guests in case they are averse to these crustaceans!


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