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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fish Pie

A lovely, creamy, savory comfort food!


A fish pie is traditionally made with white fish that has been slowly poached in milk, then the liquid is strained and the fish flaked. Then a white sauce is made with some of the milk, mixed with butter and flour until it thickens, then mixed with the flaked fish, and finally topped with mashed potato. The 'pie' is then baked and the top made golden brown before serving. This is the basic instruction at least - but for every household, the recipe varies .

This particular fish pie is made with some leftover snapper that has been cooked on a bed of fennel and carrots, wrapped in foil on the barbie one hot afternoon. As per tradition, the fish is gently simmered in milk (around 1.5 cups), with some bay leaves, a couple of sprigs of parsley, some salt and crushed black pepper. After a gentle boil, the milk is strained out, and the fish set aside. Using the same pan, a couple of tablespoons of butter is melted, then around 2 tablespoons of flour is whisked in, and half of the milk slowly added until the mixture thickens. The fish is folded into the sauce, with some pre-boiled broad beans (most of the time a hard boiled egg is added) and chopped parsley.

Mashed potatoes are made in the usual fashion, except this one is made creamier with the addition of some of the 'fishy milk', seasoned with salt and pepper and then placed on top of the fish in white sauce.

Put into a 200C oven for around 25minutes, or until the top is golden and the fish mixture slowly bubbling.

Serve with some white wine, and all will be good!


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